When more is better

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When more is better

Namibia has become the 2nd home to no minor name in Germany’s motor sport circles, Klaus Deckenbrock.

Started by a passion for rebuilding vintage automobiles, Klaus has not only organized

and very successfully participated in the Scuderia Alfa Classico all over Europe for many years. Subsequently, he has also built up a wealth of expertise in the field of optimizing vehicle performance possible through electronic adjustments commonly used in motor racing. Not surprising then, that he has introduced this cutting-edge quality technology to Namibian vehicle owners, operating under the brand of a leading European supplier. Tec-Power Vehicle Optimization releases more engine power and torque PLUS better fuel consumption (0.5-1.5l/100km for passenger cars and 1.5-5l/100km for Trucks) without exceeding safety limits, capacities or reduction of vehicle lifetime. The same procedure can also be applied to the reverse, i.e. throttle reduction of

heavy duty vehicles to enforce optimal fuel economy. Today, on all modern vehicles the engine settings are controlled by Engine Control Units, employing sophisticated computer technology to control engine performance, fuel supply, turbo-boost, etc. As a standard, optimal engine performance

is compromised to accommodate broad spectrum allowances for a multitude of factors resulting in very conservative software settings for your ECU. With Tec- Power programming you can enjoy the

professional performance enhancement possible through guaranteed German technology, quality engineering and reliable customer support. Michael Schäfer, who has had his VW T5 optimized by the Tec-Power team, calls it “an unbelievable difference in driving experience.” According to him he no longer needs to change down gears through mountainous roads and easily drives through the steeply climbing road east of Windhoek in 6th gear. He also no longer needs to use his first gear, as the optimization has resulted in more than enough power to pull away in 2nd gear.

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